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Madness pre-order!

Madness pre-order!


The Gogglebox is now available to pre-order here

*DVD #1
The Liberty Of Norton Folgate Film
+ Behind the scenes documentary
+ ‘Showtime’ part of the gig

*DVD #2
Take It Or Leave It

*DVD #3
Madstock ‘09 – A Fan’s Tale

*DVD #4
Madness Comedy Pilot 1984
World Tour Of Camden 2009
The Light Bar, Norton Folgate 2009
Making of Madness on Gold 2010
The Making of Dust Devil 2009

7 hours of footage!
More content and details to be revealed soon!

Pre-Order now and get an instant download of part 1 of the Madness comedy pilot.
Scheduled for shipping in late November

*Warning May contain nuts Easter Eggs!

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